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  • Image 01 Final Orchestra Concert 2012 (Symphonic)
  • Image 02 Final Orchestra Concert 2012 (Symphonic Violin)
  • Image 03 Final Orchestra Concert 2012 (Symphonic)
  • Image 04 Final Orchestra Concert 2012 (Symphonic Cello)
  • Image 05 Orchestra Lock-In 2011
  • Image 06 Disneyland (Medieval Times) 2012
  • Image 07 Orchestra Concert 2012 (Concert)
  • Image 08 Orchestra Concert 2012 (Concert Violin)


Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, Chaparral High School supports two performing Orchestras (Concert and Symphonic). All of the orchestras perform several concerts throughout the school year. Under the direction of Dr. Mary Harrah, the Chaparral High School Orchestras enthuse and astonish their audiences with the excellent quality of their performances.

We invite you to Chaparral High School Orchestra Website.

                    About Concert Orchestra

Concert Orchestra is open to all 9th to 12th graders and does not require an audition. The performance level of this group is challenging and requires committed members. Last year, the Concert Orchestra performed Pasacaglia, Titanic, Finale Symphony No. 2 in C, Christmas Eve Sarajevo, O Fortuna, and Indiana Jones.

                 About Symphonic Orchestra

Symphonic Orchestra is entered by audition only and is open to all 9th to 12th graders. The performance level of this group is advanced and has many demands. Last year, the Symphonic Orchestra performed Summer from the Four Seasons and Concierto in G Minor which are both composed by Antonio Vivaldi.